Can your car pass a safety inspection?

Great. We're interested.


Any make, any model, any mileage. If you pass a safety inspection, give us a call.

We'll buy your car even if...

  • You still owe money on the vehicle
  • Your car has high mileage
  • Your car has a “Check Engine” light
  • You owe a lien for less than the car’s value
  • You’ve lost the title
  • Other Dealers gave worthless cash offers

You can get $400 more.

Call us for the best deal on your used car. Guaranteed.

Will you accept any old cash offer?

We pay $400 more than...

  • Any National Independent Dealer
  • Any Franchise Dealer (your local Chevy, Ford, or Honda dealers, etc)
  • KBB Instant Cash Offers
  • AutoTrader's Instant Cash Offers
  • CarMax Cash Offers
  • True Car's Buying Service

...And plenty more, with no minimum offer amount.


What if I don't see my cash offer on this list?

If you got a cash offer from a different service, just call us to see if we can accept.


What will I need to sell my car?

To present a cash offer, we just need to meet you and your car. But when you're ready to make a deal, we'll need to meet you with:

  • All keys to the vehicle
  • Current registrations
  • All titleholders present, with valid photo ID
  • Valid Title


More questions?

If you’re still not sure if your car qualifies, call us at (919) 880-2975 and we can answer any questions you have.

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Questions? Give us a call!

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