Can I sell a car when I still owe money on the loan?

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Still owe money on your car? You’re not alone.


Around 35% of American adults are paying off a car loan. And since 2020, a record number of drivers are underwater on their auto loan - meaning, the car is worth less than the amount they still owe.


Usually, this complicates sales quite a bit. And if you’re underwater on your loan, some buyers won’t deal with you at all.


Making sure you get the best possible offer could mean the difference between owing money on a car you no longer own...


...Or having extra cash in hand to put down on a new car.


Not only will buy cars with active loans, we also make sure you get the best possible offer for your underwater loan, so you can get out of your old car as painlessly as possible. will beat any written cash offer on your vehicle by an average of $400.

If I have a car that I still owe money on, will you buy it? 


Yes! We will need a printed 15-day payoff amount of your loan from your lien holder. 


Step 1:

Call your financial institution (bank, credit union or lender for your auto loan) and let them know:


“I want to sell my vehicle, I need a written 15-day payoff amount on my loan.”


Many banks allow you to request your payoff amount online. 


Once in-hand, your loan will need to be paid off in full in order to transfer the title. (We take care of that!)


Example: Your payoff amount is $10,000 including fees and interest. Your car is valued at $25,000. We will write your check in the amount of $15,000.


Step 2:

Determine if you are upside-down on your car loan. (Meaning, you owe more money than the car is currently worth.)

Last year set record highs in both the number of underwater loans - 44% of all trade-ins are underwater - and the amount the average person owes: over $5,000. 


If you are upside-down, you can still sell your car! You can use our cash offer towards the amount of the loan in order to pay as much off as possible. 


For example: You took out a loan for $30,000. You still owe $10,000 on your car, including interest and fees.The value of your car is $8,000.


To pay off the remaining $10,000, and we contribute $8,000, you will need to have a check in the amount of $2,000 payable to the lien holder at the time we purchase your car. 


This will allow us to completely pay off your loan and transfer the title to us. We handle all the paperwork and wipe out that auto loan for good.


Step 3: Call!


Getting the highest possible offer is crucial in paying off your car loan. will write the best offer - no, not an automated, instant offer; a real human being’s real value of your car - and come meet you to make the deal.


If you still have questions, please call us at 1-844-400-6673 or call/text to (919) 999-2817.

We are here to help!

Ready for your cash offer?