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4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Trust Car Trade-In Calculators and Car Book Values

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The Best Way to Sell Your Car for Cash

“What’s my car worth?” That’s one of the most common and most important questions people ask when selling their car. There are many ways dealerships, online car buying websites and local car buyers determine used car value. When you sell your car to a dealership, they typically use car trade-in values to determine how much your car is worth. If you want to sell your car for cash to an online car buying website or places that buy cars for cash, the value of your car will likely be determined by an online car value calculator or a generic book value. Lastly, if you decide to sell your car to an individual, your car value will likely be determined by a combination of the Kelley Blue Book value and some stressful haggling.

If you’re not familiar with car trade-in values, online instant cash offers or Kelley Blue Book and other car book values, here are four reasons why you may want to reconsider how to sell your car for cash.

#1 – Car Trade-In Calculators, Instant Cash Offers and Car Book Values Don’t Consider Supply and Demand

Due to Covid-19 and supply chain issues, it’s no secret that the past two years have significantly impacted the automotive industry. These circumstances have made it a seller’s market, which means it could be the perfect time to sell your car. MSRPs on new cars have never been higher and the demand for quality used cars have reached historic levels. Supply and demand play an important role in determining car value; however, many car trade-in values, online car buying websites and car book values don’t factor this in. They still heavily rely on basic factors such as make, model, year, and condition to calculate the value of your car. If supply and demand isn’t considered, then your vehicle could end up being grossly undervalued.

That’s one big advantage of selling your car for cash to We are completely aware of the current market and take the time to factor it in. That’s why we beat all other written cash offers by an average of $400.

#2 – Car Trade-In Calculators, Online Car Buying Websites and Car Book Values Aren’t the Same as a Local Car Buyer

Most car trade-in calculators, online car buying websites and instant cash offer sites do a good job of gathering surface level information about a car. They get the make, model, year, mileage, and a few other details about the vehicle you’re selling. However, these online car buying websites and calculators lack the ability to understand the unique history of your vehicle, which is crucial in determining the value your car.

When you sell your car for cash to, our local car buyers take the time to understand and consider your vehicle’s unique history, current market conditions, supply and demand, among other things. Would you rather trust an algorithm or a living, breathing human being to determine the value of your car?

#3 – Many Online Car Buying Websites, Dealership Trade-In Values, and Instant Cash Offers Stick to Rules and Car Book Values

Most dealerships determine vehicle trade-in values using Kelley Blue Book or Black Book. Most online car buying sites and instant cash offer sites do the same or use a similar algorithm. Book values are widely used as the standard when determining a car’s value. However, there are many variables these book values don’t factor in. Some examples include new tires, hard-to-sell colors, smoke damage, and aftermarket products and equipment.

At, we don’t rely on book values or algorithms in our car appraisal process. Instead, we take time to consider and understand your vehicle’s unique history. This helps us write you the best cash offer for your car.

#4 – Instant Cash Offer Sites, Online Car Buying Sites and Dealerships Might Come with Additional Fees

We’ve seen this a million times. A person will go through all the trouble of researching trade-in value using multiple car trade-in calculators only to find out that fees were never part of the equation. It’s sad but true. Trading in your car to a dealership or sell your car online may come with additional fees such as administrative and processing fees, which you may not discover until you’re well into the process of selling them your car.

When you sell your car for cash to, you’re not going to incur any additional fees or surcharges. We keep the transaction as simple as possible: your car for cash. That’s it.

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Now that you know a few reasons why using an online car buying website, instant cash offer site, or trust a dealership to determine the true value of your car, what’s next? If you’re ready to sell your car and want the best cash offer possible, the next step is to contact Simply call or text our Jacksonville, Fayetteville, and Wilmington car buyer at (910) 550-3586 or our Raleigh car buyer at (919) 999-2817. We’ll ask you a few simple questions about your vehicle such as the VIN# and mileage. Once we have that, we’ll set up a time and place to meet you and see your vehicle. If everything checks out, we’ll present you with a check that you cash the same day!

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