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You have questions, we have answers. Below, you'll find a list of common topics among our customers.

If you can't find your question answered, give us a call at (844) 400-6673, or send an email to buyer@get400more.com.


What's the catch?


No, really.

We’re confident we can beat any existing cash offer due to one simple fact: most dealerships chronically undervalue pre-owned cars.

Dealerships are interested in maximizing the profit they can make off of selling your car - which means buying it from you for as little as they can get away with.

Get400More.com is not a dealership, so we’re able to pay fairly for the cars we acquire.

And even if we can't buy your car, we'll still give you $100 cash, just for giving us the opportunity to look at it.


How does this work?

Get400More.com will beat any franchise or National Independent Dealer’s cash offer for your car. If we’re unable to pay you $400 more, we’ll send you money just for giving us the chance.

First, attain a cash offer. You can get these from any franchise dealer, such as your local Chevy, Ford, or Honda dealers; we also honor offers from CarMax, Autotrader's ICO's (Instant Cash Offers), True Car's Buying Service, Kelley Blue Book's ICO's, and plenty more.

Next, call (844) 400-6673 with your Cash Offer. One of our team (Todd or Allen) will be in touch about a time and place to meet you, inspect your car, and deliver a no-obligation, competing offer of $400 more.

(Don't have a cash offer? We can still make a deal - text (919) 880-2975 with a photo of the VIN and mileage and and we'll return an outstanding cash offer!)

Once you have our offer, you can either sell your car to us, or use our offer as a bargaining chip to secure the best deal possible with a new buyer.

Will you pay immediately?

Yes! We write a check cashable that same day. We'll even meet you at your bank so you can cash it immediately.

Some deals are completed start-to-finish in as little as fifteen minutes.

What will I need to sell my car?

To present a cash offer, we just need to meet you and your car. But when you're ready to make a deal, we'll need to meet you with:

  • All keys to the vehicle
  • Current registrations
  • All titleholders present, with valid photo ID
  • Valid Title

Will you try to make me trade?

No, we won't offer to trade-in your car, nor will we try to sell you another car.

Am I obligated to sell my car to you?

Absolutely not!

If you call us with a signed cash offer, we will offer you $400 more. You can then either agree to sell it to us, and we'll arrange a time to come pick up your car and drop off your check - or, you can call back the original offer, tell them you've got Get400More.com on the phone, and use our offer to negotiate a better deal. Either way, you get more!

Who will I be dealing with?

Our team consists of Allen White and Todd Hall. We both live and work around Raleigh, NC. When you call (844) 400-6673, you'll be put in contact with one of us to complete the deal.

I need the money ASAP. How long will it take to make a deal?

We write a check cashable that same day. We’ll even come to you to make the deal.

Where are you located?

We operate around Raleigh, NC. Our team will drive to meet you and your car.

We do business in the Triangle and surrounding areas. If you’re not sure if you’re outside our service area, just call and we’ll let you know which team member is closest to you.

Will you accept any old cash offer?

We pay $400 more than any National Independent Dealer or franchise dealer's cash offer. (Examples of franchise dealers being your local Chevy, Ford, or Honda dealers, etc.) We also honor KBB and AutoTrader’s ICOs (Instant Cash Offers), offers from CarMax, True Car's Buying Service, and plenty more.

If you got a cash offer from a different service, just call us to see if we can accept.

What if I'm at a dealership, ready to make a deal?

We’ll come meet you at the dealership.

What if the dealership won't give me a written cash offer?

If a dealer won’t give you a cash offer, that means they don’t want to purchase it - either because your car is unfit for resale, or because they want to trap you in a trade. You can read about how to avoid the Trade-In Trap in this blog post.

What if the dealership will only give me a trade offer?

A trade offer is not the same as a cash offer. Trade offers often contain hidden fees that tip the scales in the dealership’s favor. If the dealer is not willing to write you a check for the trade offer, they’re only interested in what they’d make from selling you another car.

We can still help you get a better deal. Call (844) 400-6673.

What if the dealer says I have no choice but to trade?

This is NOT true. Call or text us and one of our team members can explain how to avoid this trap.

What if my car's worth way more than the dealer says?

We pay $400 more than any franchise or National Independent Dealer’s cash offer. If you think your offer has been significantly lowballed, you may be right. Dealerships use "Book" and auction values to return an estimation of your car's value... but these values aren't always reliable.

You can read our More Money Guarantee to find out how we generate honest, accurate cash offers that guarantee you'll get more.

How do I know my car will qualify to get $400 more?

We'll look at any car that meets the following criteria.

1. Your car passes both safety and emissions inspections.
2. We are able to safely test drive your vehicle.

That's it!

If you’re still not sure if your car qualifies, call us at (844) 400-6673 and we can answer any questions you have.

What if I don't have a cash offer?

We can still buy your car! Text us a photo of the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and current mileage and we’ll return an outstanding cash offer.

How do you determine my car's value?

When you call (844) 400-6673, you'll be put in touch with one of our buyers, Allen or Todd. We'll schedule a time to meet you and your vehicle to assess it in person and give you our best cash offer.

We work from 30+ years experience buying and selling cars. We consider things that "book" values could never account for, such as:

  • Accidents. There are no value adds in NADA and Black Book for a clean history report.
  • If your vehicle is pink. Value books can't account for hard to sell colors.
  • If you've had car seats in the back. Both our buyers have kids, so we know to look for melted lolly pops and spare cheerios in those hard to reach places.
  • If you've got a good set of tires. Tires are expensive and should factor into the price of the car, but the retail book doesn't mention them.
  • If your vehicle smells like smoke. Smoke odors destroy the value of a car, but a "book" value can't take this into account.
  • If your DVD player or sunroof still works. Special features are nice, but if they don't work, that can affect your car's value.
  • We can keep going, but you get the point...

"Book" values are almost always low. Don't settle for what the dealership says it's worth. Call us to get more money, guaranteed.

I still have questions...

We (Todd and Allen) can answer any questions you have. Contact us:




(919) 880-2975



Questions? Give us a call!

No obligations, no strings. We can help.

Questions? Give us a call!