Our COVID-19 Safety Measures

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All businesses are making changes to keep up with COVID-19, and we’re no exception.

The bad news? Todd won’t be able to shake your hand anymore.

The good news: almost everything else about our process can stay the same.

By default, it’s much easier to keep our buyers and clients safe because we come to you.

No office means no counters to wipe down.

For most businesses, the risk in remaining open means needing to constantly sanitize the office  

We come to you, so you don’t have to leave your home.

Every other buyer asks you to come to THEM – but we’re coming to 

Our deals are quick and low contact.

We’re in and out, most deals clock in under 15 minutes. Dealing outdoors means it’s easy to maintain social distance.

If you’re worried, so’s Todd. He’s taking sanitization very seriously.

Our buyer Todd takes the most precaution to sanitize and stay safe.

The thing that’s never going to change, though: Get400more.com will beat ANY buyer’s offer for your used car, backed by our More Money Guarantee.

We’re open, and we’ll stay open. We’re committed to continuing to provide you with the best possible cash offer while also keeping you safe.

You can get $400 more and stay safe doing it: call 1-844-400-MORE.