Learn how to save money at the pump as gas prices increase in 2022.

Gas Will Only Get More Expensive in 2022. Here’s 4 Ways To Increase Your MPG

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We’re in for the long haul with rising gas prices.

Thanks in part to inflation, and in part to the ban of imported Russian oil in the United States, the average cost per gallon rose more than a dollar over the past month; $0.55 cents in the past seven days alone. GasBuddy’s fuel cost forecast for 2022–revised to account for current events abroad– predicts prices won’t fall below $4.00 until November 2022.

Without an end in sight, every penny counts towards stretching those miles per gallon. Let’s explore some ways to make sure you’re getting the most out of the gas in your tank.

Tip #1: Acceleration and speed play a big role in fuel efficiency.

Avoid unnecessary speeding away from stop lights, stop signs, and when accelerating to the marked speed limit.

Keeping a light touch on the gas pedal allows your vehicle to smoothly shift gears, which in turn uses less fuel. It’s also important to drive the marked speed limit. Cruise control allows the vehicle to stay at a consistent speed rather than the constant acceleration/deceleration that comes with manually applying the gas pedal.

Tip #2: Avoid idling your engine when possible.

Idling is an unexpected gas guzzler. A 2004 study found that idling becomes fuel inefficient after just 7 seconds of a complete stop. That means every light, drive-through, or traffic jam lasting longer than 7 seconds is a waste of gasoline

A good rule of thumb is: If you plan to have your vehicle idle for more than sixty seconds, it’s best to shut the vehicle off. Idling can cost you around half a gallon of gasoline per hour – and in rush hour, that adds up quick.

Drastically decrease your idle time by:

  • Avoiding peak travel times.
  • Avoid highly trafficked roads with lots of stop lights.
  • Skip the drive-thru by parking instead.

Tip #3: Maintain your vehicle’s engine and tires:  

Ever put off investigating that Check Engine light? You could be losing up to 40% fuel efficiency, according to the US Department of Energy.

The right motor oil, filtration, and tire pressure can have a massive cumulative effect on MPG.

  • Oil: Using the manufacturer’s recommended oil could mean a 1-2% gain in MPG.
  • Tuned engine: Making sure your engine passes an emissions test, (and eliminating any other major issues) results in an average 4% improvement in MPG.
  • Correctly inflated tires: Driving on underinflated (or overinflated) tires could lose up to 3% fuel efficiency – not to mention the hazards associated with low tire pressure.

Tip #4: Gas Reward Programs and Apps like “GasBuddy”  

Do you take advantage of your credit card rewards? Some cards come with increased cashback or rewards on gasoline purchases. Familiarize yourself with your card of choice, and make sure you’re earning as much as you can at the pump.

GasBuddy is a free app that allows users to find the best gas prices in their area, as well as save $0.05 cents per gallon at certain gas stations. Per GasBuddy’s website, their 1.6 million users have saved 6 million dollars in total since the company’s founding in 2009. GasBuddy also offers a rewards card that promises savings of $0.25 cents per gallon.

Bonus tip… 

To summarize:

  1. Maximize your efficiency with safe driving.
  2. Avoid idling if at all possible.
  3. Keep your car in great shape.
  4. Utilize free gas reward programs and apps.

With these tips combined, you’re sure to stretch your miles per gallon as far as your car can carry you.

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