Vehicles are selling for more and more these days.

3 Reasons To Sell Your Car NOW

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Americans spend almost 11 hours per week in their cars. 

I’ll say it again: 11 hours per week. Yet despite raising commute times, more and more people are stuck driving vehicles they aren’t happy with.

Whether you’re concerned with repair costs, commuting less, commuting more, or just plain wanting a change: the time has never been better to sell your car, truck, or SUV.

Let’s get into some reasons to sell your vehicle.

Reason #1: You deserve an upgrade! 

Have repair costs on your current car been racking up? The easiest way to avoid frequent maintenance is to upgrade to a newer model.

Maintenance and repair can add up quickly. A study by AAA shows that cost for maintenance, repair, and tires averages 9 cents per mile – driving just 20,000 miles per year adds up to $1,800. And the cost gets much worse with older vehicles. 

Nobody needs the extra cost or headache of maintaining an older car – an upgrade may be the best thing you do this year!

Reason #2: A lifestyle change might require it!

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everyone’s lives. Major swaths of Americans are working from home, having nixxed their commute entirely. Others switched jobs within their industry, some switched industries completely!

If you drive farther for work, there’s no need for a gas guzzler. Conversely, a shorter commute (or none at all) may call for fewer cars in the driveway, taking up space.

The time may be right to reassess which vehicle fits your lifestyle – whether a newer vehicle, a cheaper vehicle, or no vehicle at all.

Reason #3: It might be time to downgrade.

If you’ve already invested in a luxury vehicle, but have since felt the pressure of higher costs, it may be time to turn that investment into cash.

The nicer your vehicle, the more you’ll pay in maintenance, insurance, and specialty parts. Even a slight downgrade can save thousands in the long run.

Now is a great time to sell.

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